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Getting help after you’ve given help

Nice thing happened today — as I mentioned yesterday I’m putting together a little video for my application to the Google Certified Teacher program. I decided it had to ben done in the media publications class, which is after all where I do my most directly “teacherly” work.

And the class were so good about it! We basically did a normal class thing — photo editing in Photoshop, and I got around the class and helped out various students. This time though it was filmed, sometimes by me, sometimes by other students. They played along well, sometimes wanting to do the “Mr Turner helps me so much!” exaggeration thing, but the footage I’ve got looks pretty good.

There’s 5-6 minutes of video but only 1 is required for the final product. I’ll do a voice over, and maybe some extra stuff on Monday, but the job now is to edit this together and see what else it needs in terms of music or effects. Hopefully it will be a nice showreel — it’s due on Thursday!

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