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Three years today

I realised it’s my third work anniversary today. Three years to the day since I started working at Coonabarabran High School.

It’s the longest lasting full time job I’ve ever had. (Let that one sink in).

And I’m not bored at all. I don’t want “a change”. I don’t feel the need to leave any time soon. I guess that’s because I’ve made the job what I want it to be, for the most part, and regularly found new things to do to help the school and myself. Every day is an adventure.

It helps my family being so close to home and the boys school, having such good hours (when a 5:30pm finish is “late”) and working in school holidays is sometimes even better!

We all love to live in Coonabarabran, and we want the arrangement we have to stay like this for at least a while longer yet!

(Of course, as many will know, there are issues that affect my job category after the end of this year. I am confident (more confident that most), but I will have to do everything I can to prolong things, then wait and see. This is a positive post, and I won’t dwell on anything else!)

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