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On (my) writing

Is it a time-management problem? Or a motivation problem? Most of the time I think it’s very hard to say.

I have not been writing as much recently as I would ideally like. Coming off the year I had last year, that’s probably not particularly surprising. There was way too much going on at every possible level to get any real kind of good work out of myself.

But we are past that now. This is a new time. And I can feel the drive coming back — or at least re-focusing itself properly. This is good.

Honestly, I think if you spend the whole year planning for your son to have a kidney transplant (while getting several more operations on the way) and in fact being the donor yourself, you just don’t get much else done. Stephen King is a mad prolific bastard, but after he was hit by a car he didn’t write anything much for 12 months or more. I think we had a slow-motion crisis in which we knew what was going to happen for a year, and it took all our strength up leading to it.

But like I said, that time is past. There’s a bunch of serious opportunities this year, and my phobia of editing/revision just has to end. I’m getting into the work again now, and this is where is begins. Again.

(That’s enough of the personal motivation speeches… back to work!)

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