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Google Apps Summit Day 2

Me and the Yammer folks
Me and some of the Yammer/DEC folks today

Another excellent day at Burwood for the Google Apps summit. Today I was extremely glad to be at MLC, with their luxurious airconditioning…

… Because outside it reached 44.7 degrees Celsius! It was officially the hottest day on record for Sydney.

Fortunately, it was not a disaster for Coonabarabran either, because despite similar conditions and strong winds, things stayed moderate there and the fire came no closer to town. Then later in the evening, there was rain both in Sydney and at home! Maybe the worst is over?

The Google Apps summit was thoroughly worth attending, with several more great sessions, including the opening keynote by Jim Sill, an American teacher who went from Hollywood to rural California but ended up creating an award-winning video production class (lots of ideas there!) with some great student engagement. Other sessions looked at various aspects of Google Drive, and teacher/staff career planning with Google qualifications. All good stuff, hopefully some real options for the future for me to improve my employability 🙂

Apart from that, the best thing about it was of course the people again! I met more Yammer and Twitter folks, and made more Twitter connections with some quickfire tweeting all day long —

Some fun tomorrow — heading into the city for shopping and the Powerhouse Museum to see the Wallace & Gromit World of Invention exhibition!

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