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Odd times and changing times

It’s been pretty odd times for the last couple of months. Sallie, Will and Ben have basically been permanently in Sydney since the end of August because Will has to have dialysis now. Not good, but he’s handling it well and they seem happy enough, just not here. Which is never easy for us.

So consequently, I find myself not writing much here, certainly not on these things. Don’t want to dwell on it, don’t want to put it into words — however you want to put it. Makes it easier to avoid thinking about it too much, even though it’s ever-present as a reality for us.

Have seen them a couple of times — visited for a few days when I took Alex to Royal Far West at Manly (and Lachie came along for the trip). That was actually pretty productive and pretty enjoyable for the most part, and then they flew up here for the long weekend and I met them in Dubbo after I’d done a one-week work training event. A few things have happened, even though I feel like I’ve worked hard to avoid doing anything really constructive or long term — I just focus on the day to day and let everything else slide. Again, it might be lazy but it’s also easy.

We’re off to Sydney at the end of this week, Alex and Lachie for just a few days, but me a whole lot longer. There are reasons for that, and I’ll write more about it tomorrow.

Personally, I just want to get the family back together and get things back to how they should be. When it’s there I can concentrate on my long-term goals without wanting to dwell on all the problems that I can’t control or fix. Or to be blunt, get my family back together and get things in order, then my writing and my professional future can function better as well.

Alex, Will and Lachie when last together 🙂

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