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Coonabarabran High School Feast of Words Writers Festival 2012

I spoke on the same bill as Peter Fitzsimons tonight! Well, that might sound a bit hyperbolic, but actually it’s completely true 🙂

As part of our Feast of Words Writers Festiival, tonight was our literary dinner. And after turning up as an interested guest, suddenly some of my lovely colleagues asked if I could sit on a particular table as a writer guest, and then also speak to the dinner as one of the writer guests!

As some of you will know, I do have a media background, do have some writing success and feel “this close” to being a published novelist, but I have never done anything like this before. The chance to get up in front of a group (some that I know, some I don’t), talk about what I’ve done and what I hope to do, should have been overwhelming, but somehow actually wasn’t! I wasn’t as prepaared as I might have been, but what I said seemed okay — although inevitably as soon as I sat down I thought of all the other things I could have said…

Anyway, consider this my good news for the week. Our Writers Festival is such a great event for the kids at school, but I have to admit to being bias because I get so much out of it myself. We’re a small country town, but suddenly I’ve had more chance to pursue my writing and do writerly things than I may have ever had in Sydney. I want to publicly thank everyone at Coonabarabran High Scchool who helped put this event together — there’s still tomorrow’s activities — and I hope we do this for many more years!

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