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2012… The whirlwind…

What a year… And it’s only March! Busy back at work now, already done the initial 2012 laptop rollout, and so many other projects! I’ve joined the school/town band (playing clarinet again, no less) and am getting involved behind the scenes in the school musical this year.

I’m assisting in the media publishing class at school this year, which means a class full of year 9 kids learning photoshop and print and web publishing. I’ve got a whole bunch of web projects for school to get into, and I’m also involved in the writers festival again this year. And there’s some other projects for school I’m just thinking about!

And at home, Alex has started school and loves it, Will is back at school and doing okay, Lachie is chattier than ever and Ben is just starting to show his personality. We had a weeks holiday on the Gold Coast, where the highlight was Movie World. I’ll post some pics and video from there eventually!

So much happening… Nearly all of it good!

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