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Amusingly obstinate 2-year-old

A wonderful little episode from Lachie tonight… we’ve noticed recently how good his language is, and especially the way he likes to say hello, goodbye and goodnight to everyone in the house. He’d go from room to room saying “Goodnight Dad!”, “Goodnight Alex!”, “Goodnight Will!”… then Sallie pointed out to me that he does not say “Goodnight Mum!”… at all!

So tonight I tried to get him to say it. I’d say “Night night Mum”, and he’d say “Night night Alex!” I’d repeat that, he’d say “Night Night Will!”… this got everyone laughing and it got Lachie laughing.

He still wouldn’t say “Goodnight Mum!” though… and you’d swear it was deliberate now! Not in any kind of rude way of course, but in that cute and mischievous way that two-year-olds do a lot of things. Another candidate for “cutest thing ever”…

And I will get him to say “Goodnight Mum!” one day…

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