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Unexpected news, that

And with a short press conference, Osama Bin Laden is dead.

I got an inkling this was the news from a work messaging service, then Twitter was all over speculation, then some news sites confirmed the reports, then I actually got to watch Obama’s short speech while at lunch. Pretty good speech too, unsurprisingly.

So that changes the world then… although it doesn’t exactly change the world at all, does it? Still, it’s good news really, and I disagree with the folks who insist that it’s bad to be happy that someone is dead. When it’s this specific individual, responsible for specific acts and specific violence and so many specific problems in the world — expressing relief and/or joy is fine by me.

But wow… there’s a lot to digest on this one. Tonnes of news, Tweets and notes from everywhere… the Web certainly has changed the way news is found and reported.

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