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Election Day 2010

I have resisted or even saying much about the election this year. None of it’s particularly impressive really, not to mention the media coverage — worse than ever — but that said, it’s clear to anyone who knows me who I’d prefer to see win.

I’m in a funny position this time around — I mean, I will always agree with Labor positions over Liberal ones anyway, but usually it’s more of a general “social justice” position where I care, but it doesn’t effect me greatly. This time, it potentially affects me and my family enormously.

My great and near-perfect job, as Technical Support Officer for Coonabarabran High School, could be under threat if the Liberals have On the flipside, the whole laptops program is a key Labor project, meant to give a good amount of economic stimulus and be a key boost for the future of the country and our youth, and with them back in it will continue nicely.

Needless to say, of course I support the program, and of course I want it to continue (do I think it needs some adjustments though — I certainly do, but that’s only a side concern). I think it does an enormous amount for the schools and students, and my presence at the school improves the place in many ways — and in ways beyond just the laptop program, since there are more computers in the average high school now than you would believe.

In fact, it would be my position that no matter who wins, it should be the position of any side that every high school above a certain size has a fulltime computer support manager. High schools have as many computers as most businesses and it should not be teachers’ responsibility to run them. Teachers should be teaching, while an IT manager (ie: me), should be running the computers.

That said, the whole election campaign is pretty much a farce. Filtered through mainstream, especially television news media, it becomes a joke, and one  I’m glad to largely opt out of. I read up as required online, but it’s liberating to ignore TV news. Even outside of election time, it’s become an increasingly sick joke anyway.

So without making public my thoughts on people who would vote for Tony Abbott, let’s just say that I’d really like to see the incumbents returned, for many reasons. I don’t know if I can say that my family’s livelihood depends on it, but it sometimes feel like it.

I’m off to vote now, and will carry good thoughts with me. If it doesn’t work out for us, I’m sure we will get by one way or another, but really, I’d rather it did 🙂

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