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Crazy times…

Starting today we’re moving out… out of our Blacktown house, and hopefully out of Sydney all together. It’s all a little weird, with too many unrelated things all hitting us at once, and we just had to make a decision.

For now though, all our stuff goes into storage, and we head up to Coonabarabran on Friday. The moving is a two day process, with two nights at a local hotel to keep us together.

We stay at Coona for a week, at Sallie’s parents’ farm, which had of course been the Christmas plan for months anyway… we just didn’t know it would be this all-encompassing. Christmas there, then a week at Nelsosn Bay, then back to Coona for a few days.

Then I go back to Sydney and back to work, staying with parents or brother, whille the family stays in Coona and secures somewhere new to live. Then all our stuff gets moved up there. Simple, hopefully.

Yes, I will be back in Sydney and back in my regular job from early January. For the moment at least. There are plans underway that will hopefully change or minimise that of course… they have to really. It’s only a matter of time though.

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