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Great moments in parenting

While I can’t claim anything other than a general influence for this, it was still such a good thing to see…

Over the weekend, when Will and Alex both get up a lot earlier than us, they clearly wanted some breakfast and drinks themselves. Good thing they didn’t get the cereal out, but on two occassions Will did get the milk out himself, and pour a drink for himself. That’s great to see — the initiative and self-help skills there are such a great thing.

But then what I saw later in the day that was just wonderful… when Will got himself a drink of milk, he got another cup, gave it to his little brother, then poured Alex a drink as well (then closed the milk and put it back in the fridge!)

A little thing really, but it was such a good thing. Not only helping himself with a drink, but then stopping and getting his younger brother a drink as well. Made us all feel good 🙂

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