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Movie Review: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

I had a cheap movie voucher that ran out at the end of the weekend, so decided to check this out with Will, who had expressed some interest. But I wasn’t so sure… it looked fun, but I wasn’t sure about it.

And while it wasn’t Pixar, it was pretty entertaining, really cute, with a great message at its centre. It ended up being a true “nerd movie”, as two awkward nerdy types with their own obsessions end up falling for each other while some decidedly odd things happen.

This was another 3D movie, but we opted against seeing it in 3D — don’t think Will would have gone for that. There’s some great voice actors including Bill Hader, the adorable Anna Faris (as adorable in this as Reece Witherspoon in Monsters v Aliens), Andy Samberg, Bruce Campbell, James Caan and Mr T. The visuals are entertainingly crazy and the story is a cute little adventure about following your own obsessions and achieving what you want in life… even if it’s creating a machine that makes it rain food from the sky!

Both Flint Lockwood the scientist and Sam Sparks the weather girl are self admitted nerds, and the movie celebrates that, something not always seen. Science wins over idiots, nerds win over mobs, and there’s even a little environmental message in there. Fun stuff. Three and a half stars.

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