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This Vegemite thing

It’s such a con, and everyone should know it. It’s a marketing stunt from start to finish.

You set up a competition for a new product, pick a rubbish name, watch the outrage-filled publicity, and then with great fanfare abandon the product, promise everyone you’ll stick to the much loved original, and go on your way.

It’s remarkably like the legendary New Coke situation of the 1980s… a new product is hated, gets enormous publicity, then removed with more fanfare and everyone is “reminded” how much they love the original product. Apparently this situation came about by accident the first time, but was then ruthlessly exploited… and it’s been copied ever since.

Of course, if the whole thing is a marketing fraud from start to finish, that might just annoy people a little too much…

And have I just contributed to their marketing frenzy by even writing this?

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