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Good parenting I would hope…

Recently, Alex has been doing a really worrying thing… whenever he’s in the car, he wriggles out of his car seat straps and gets free just so he can move around more. It freaks me out when I’m driving, and when he does it even before we’ve moved, it’s just annoying.

So I tell him off… loudly! Make sure he’s got the message, make sure he doesn’t do it again. Hadn’t worked so far, of course.

But when he did it again yesterday, and I told him off, he looked at me then wriggled his way back into his seatbelt! Couldn’t help but be pleased with that 🙂

Alex is a good kid really… not that I ever doubted it of course, but his lack of language was becoming a real worry. His lack of language is still a worry, but when we see him developing so well in every other way, it’s less of a concern. He listens to us more, helps out at home, shopping and other places, and rarely has tantrums (the ever present exception is when really tired).

Wish we could pick where the language issue was going though…

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