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Baby news and other pursuits

Lachlan smiled at me tonight… just now, was holding him five minutes ago. That felt good 🙂

I start off by prefacing it with the whole “maybe it’s gas” thing that Sallie told me about, but you really don’t care… my boy was smiling at me and that’s enough.

He’s been doing pretty well, just gone on about six weeks old now, and we’re all getting used to things.

Alex however seems to be having more trouble than any of us, and he’s getting a little worrying… it’s not that he dislikes Lachlan, but he just doesn’t seem to know his strength, or his limits… it’s tough. Have to get Alex more speech therapy, that’s for sure, because he’s still having a lot of communication trouble

Oh well… had a week off work, back there in a couple of days. Sure it can’t be as bad as I keep thinking, but who knows? Hopefully I can stay active enough and useful enough at home, though…

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