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Crucial writing times

I’m *this* close to finishing my 2nd novel in a 10 month span. Usually I don’t write a lot about specific writing progress here, because like all blogging novelists, known or unknown, you realise quickly it’s just not that interesting.

But I’ve almost kind of hit a snag. On the current project, I seem to have lost my nerve just slightly… I’ve been semi-stalled for the last month, not writing a lot, but still making some progress. It’s time to take the next step.

After having written more in the last 10 months than in the previous 5 years combined, I’ve rejoined the Writer’s Centre, and I need to make a sincere and real effort to network more with other writers, one way or another. Both to be social, and to get my work out there… to let it be seen, to get feedback, to answer my own questions and occasional doubts as to how good or bad it is, and to work out how best to advance. I’ve written two novels in less than a year, but I need more advice on how to revise, edit and make them better.

Should be easy enough, right? (Yeah, sure…)

In the meantime, I keep on writing, keep on trying to find that perfect time to write that isn’t on the train (because I know that won’t last forever!) and then look ahead to the next novel project. Because I’m sure I can write three novels in about a 14-15 month span. And that’s more writing in that time than I’ve possibly ever done… or at least done since I was in school!

Now that’s something to be excited by…

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