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Back to the grind

Went back to work today, after a long weekend at home. Much of the same old thing at work really, with no great issues (even when I thought there would be), and no great revelations.

Rugged right up as usual, getting back to leaving home at 7.30am. Didn’t miss that… it’s lucky to be over 10 degrees. This morning, it was colder when I got to work at 9am than when I left home, which was even odder.

Well, back home at the end of the day, get to have the quiet night and do as I please (meaning Guitar Hero and TV downloads!), maybe a movie later, being a Tuesday night.

A few days of quiet is great, but I have to admit, it’s now becoming noticeably clear that I’m so used to a house full of family that I will find the situation very odd after a week… so after three weeks? Hmmm…. it won’t “upset” me, but it will still be odd.

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