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Now that’s why you watch the team play….!

Went over to the parents place to watch the football and have dinner… and finally a game result really worth mentioning!

Wests are way down the NRL ladder now, but they played Souths and really hammered them. 54-20 in the end, the highest score by any team all year… 10 tries for Wests… you could almost think it was back to the old days!

It was a better experience watching it with the family, but an odd one still… Wayne and Dad have so little faith and take it way too seriously… like weird seriously… too weird too really explain. But believe me, any time Wests look like losing — even remotely — they’ll let you know. And assume it will happen.

But instead, it was a big victory, and a deserved one. Would be nice to see it happen a few more times this year…

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