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Tomorrow is the big day

Actually in more ways than one…

It’s Sallie and I’s third wedding anniversary. Which is big, and good… but also to be mostly ignored.

Because it will be our third son’s birthday… Sallie is off to hospital in the morning to have our child delivered, and I will be there of course. It’s all been so routine and organised, and we knew the delivery (by caesarian, as necessitated from our previous two children) date from weeks ago would be the same as our anniversary. It’s just how it worked out, and there wasn’t much we could do to change it.

So I need to go and get some sleep soon, likely to prepare for a lack of sleep coming up. Not that I can’t sleep through anything of course… even when I try not to!

But I’ll be there to help, with another week and a half off work, and I’ll mostly be there for Will and Alex, who should make the whole experience quite memorable in their own unique ways. Sallie will be in hospital until at least the weekend, and I’ll be running the show at home and keeping the two boys in line.

It should be another boy that comes home next week, despite Sallie’s still existing wish to the contrary (ha!), and I don’t actually think life will change that much. There will be a new face to love, but otherwise we’re all good already. We appear to have the parenting thing going okay now 🙂

Pics and news right here tomorrow as soon as I get a chance!

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