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I don’t feel like a “victim”, that’s for sure

Apparently I could be classed as a “victim” of the financial crisis now. At work, my hours have been cut back to four days a week. They’re desperate to save money more than anything else, so now I only work there Tuesday to Friday. This is a cut, and would apparently make me a victim of the financial crisis too.

You could have fooled me though… the feeling of waking up at the usual time on Monday morning, then knowing I could sleep another hour, was magnificent. I had a leisurely morning, and I helped out the kids a heap, then we had a few hours of doctor’s appointments with Will, then I got to do some freelance work at home.

I guess it remains to be seen how much the financial hit affects us (20% isn’t nothing, of course), but honestly, it seems good from here so far. With the baby due at the end of the month, then tax refund time, we’ll be getting bonuses and extra cash from many sources, and I already have a few freelance gigs lined up, then hopefully some more in the odesk/elance world… financially I think it should be okay. Then there’s writing time, which I feel good about whether it brings in money right now or not… it’s all pretty good. I’m looking at Ruby on Rails again… some web app ideas I want to develop. And I get more time with the kids at home.

It’s extremely difficult to feel like any kind of victim right now, even though technically I am. And I’ll definitely make sure the feeling stays that way.

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