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Why I’m a Rugby League fan

Went to the parent’s today for another little celebration for Will’s birthday. A great day, with more presents for Will, and cake and birthday candles and all that wonderful stuff, and a football game too. Wests played Newcastle in the main TV game this afternoon, and damn it was a good game. Seizure inducing, but great.

Wests won 26-24 after storming home in the last 20 minutes when they seemed certain to lose. Benji Marshall ran the show, personal brilliance on display in a commanding role where he set up three tries in that 20 minute period then kicked the winning goal from the sidelines. He’s a freak and a legend, and I’m glad he’s on my team!

The funniest thing of course came when I just got too involved… I spent much of the game very non-committal in my obsessiveness, as Wests looked certain to lose for much of the game , and I was watching happily but trying not to invest too much into it.

But after the ref disallowed a try to us I just lost it… I scream at the TV with the best of them…! I kept the language clean, but when it gets that exciting… at least Will understood now. He laughed at everyone for the whole game, but naturally Alex got a bit upset. He’s at a simillar age Will was back in 2005 when we all screamed Wests to the Grand Final win.

Alex was fine in moments, and it all got more and more exciting until somehow Wests took out the victory. It made for a happier day certainly, and we all let Will know how happy his birthday party was with an extra win. We’re all a bit nuts, but that’s what being a sports fan is 🙂

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