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Happy Birthday to … Will!

Happy birthday to Will! Happy birthday to Will, happy birthday to Will! William James Robert Turner turns the big five today, and man, was it a good morning for all of us. He was awake early as usual, and as soon as I was ready, we had the present opening.

There were many cries of “wowee!” and “thank you very much!” as will got into his various presents from us. He was especially impressed with the Monsters vs Aliens story book, and the expected Kung Fu Panda and Yo Gabba Gabba DVDs. Other presents included some more Cars, various Gabba and Pixar story books, some clothes and a Monsters vs Aliens stencil book, which I’m hoping will encourage his drawing.

Still, I left him watching The Incredibles — I thought he’d rip into a new one, but birthday boy gets what he wants, of course 🙂 Alex on the other hand wasn’t so impressed; I don’t think he understood why Will was suddenly getting all these new toys and books, and he kept wanting to “borrow” various things, then he was getting tough with Will, which didn’t help. Eventually, Will and I worked out that we could bribe him with letting him look at the new mini Mac truck Cars toy, and he was happy.

I had to go to work then, but a very fun morning, and we’ll keep the fun going tonight! Definitely some Monsters vs Aliens reading to be done!

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