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Present buying and working room

I tried to buy Will another birthday present today, when we were out shopping at Rouse Hill. A Monsters vs Aliens storybook. It nearly worked too, but when he caught sight of it he nearly blew a fuse in his attempts to get it immediately. We had to hide it and deny everything… that boy really knows how to have a tantrum. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a really good kid nearly all the time. But when you put together tiredness (which nearly always happens on Sunday after karate), with any kind of annoyance for him, it can be deadly 🙂

And I need to remind myself to avoid the fast food… too often I’m getting the kids Maccas or KFC and just defaulting to the same thing myself. Not good, especially when we go to these places where the food is barely put together, and way too salty (ie: bad even by fast food standards). I’m trying not to spend too much money, but I just need to spend it on my own lunch, if nothing else 🙂

I’ve got the back garage room set up with some good office space now, with my good old mega desk, and I tried something new out there. There’s power, and my laptop set up easily, but I tried the standing desk option (since I actually don’t have a good office chair out there and will need to buy one). But I’ve been reading up on the benefits of a standing desk, and with some props my big old desk works well. You can feel the strain, but I think it might be ok. And while I’ll buy or make the stand if this is how I go, it’s still cheaper than a new chair. Since I sit down all day everywhere else, I am definitely going to persist with this, it does seem beneficial.

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