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Monsters vs Aliens and small boys!

Will and I went to the movies today, on my Easter Monday day off. I won’t deny it, I’m loving it… being able to take my son to the movies and finding our tastes already agreeing 🙂 Obviously I won’t take him to anything too grown up yet, but today we saw Monsters vs Aliens, a fun animated movie that a Dad and his son can enjoy, often for very different reasons. Not Pixar by any means, but still highly entertaining, with an excellent voice cast (including Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Laurie, Seth Rogan, Will Arnett, Amy Poehler and Rainn Wilson), some great action, and a lot of humour.

Plenty of jokes about 50s monster movies and 80s movies (only some of which I even got, let alone Will), and plenty of good gags for the kids. Though there was some action violence, it was never what I would describe as too adult, and Will was never worried by any scene (he did get concerned by some scenes in Bolt, our last movie trip).

Witherspoon’s character Susan was a seriously endearing heroine, and the rest of the monster characters were well created and amusing. Like I said, not Pixar by any means, but still fun. Unless something comes along sooner, our next movie trip will definitely be Pixar’s Up, which comes out sometime in June.

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