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Happy Birthday to… me!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, etc… Yes, it is my birthday today, 34 today, though I expect for the most part it will be a day as usual as any other. No specific plans today, with the celebration of sorts set for Sunday (when we can have a day of babysitting and go out, just Sallie and I). Work was as odd as it’s been this week, with no specific computer either, I spent a bunch of hours at work, had a birthday lunch at the pub with colleagues, then gathered up all the files I needed and went home to do the required work for the day. Friday’s are getting really dumb at work, so I didn’t feel like being in the ofice until 8pm again. Of course, at home I ended up working most of the night, which isn’t terrible when you can pause and watch the new Simpsons (something I almost always miss now), and be with the family. So I work and enjoy the night, and send the newsletter out at 11.30pm. Oddly enough, this subsequently didn’t seen to bother anyone.

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