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As in difficult. It’s all good really, but sometimes small children can just drive you nuts.

Alex is getting really frustrated with not being able to communicate with us properly… we want to try some more sign language just to help him out with that.

And Alex seems to have killed my mobile phone, unbelievably enough (he took off with it and it ended up soaking wet… I think he might have dunked it in the toilet). The poor old thing was nearly five years old, I was looking to get it replaced in a few months anyway, but now I might have to rush that… and maybe get a plan. Maybe an iPhone?

Will seems frustrated with a lot of things, but is also just very silly at times as well. That’s mostly to  be expected for a kid a month off five years old, but his silliness is very deliberate.

Anyway, the best thing is that their bad behaviour is only a small part of the time. Most of the time they really are great kids. We got some professional pics back today of them that we got done a few weeks ago, and they’re just beautiful. I’ll definitely put a version on the site when we get the digital disc in a few weeks.

It’s still nearly all good 🙂

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