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Hunting houses

It appears that now is a good time to get into the property market. If you have a job, and money for a deposit (or access to it), of course. Interest rates are low, the market is kind of low… and if you pick the right neighbourhood, your weekly repayments can be barely higher and sometimes even the same as rental costs, which are ridiculously high right now…

Of course, this is only vague speculation in a personal sense, even if everyone else is doing it. I went out with my brother this morning to look at an apartment he might buy. He’s in the market now, being in a rather different position to me. Starting small of course, but good for him. We checked out the place, and he liked it but will keep looking.

If I get into this, it will be something much bigger, but still surprisingly manageable, though there’s a million hurdles to encounter for the initial startup and deposit.

And yes, this has partially come from having a hideously bad real estate manager, and a somewhat poor house to live in (again), and wondering if right now we can do better. Still such a long way to go, but maybe…

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