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Kung Fu Panda Karate

Will went to his first karate lesson today, at a local class at a nearby high school. We had someone over a week ago advertising them, and after some thought we decided it might be a good  idea for him to get involved. Some fun activity, help his coordination and concentration, and so on.

So I took him down there today, with all talk on Kung Fu Panda. Apparently he watched it at kindy recently, and since we convinced him it’s similar, it’s his main frame of reference, which is cute and likely not that far off.

The people running the class were nice, and Will was the smallest kid there by miles. Went an hour and a half, but Will only lasted an hour, and his concentration half that. No matter — he had a great time even though he was only partially following proceedings. He was such a kid… running around, laughing all the time. He looked so … little… compared to everyone else there, which is almost new for me, considering I don’t have the same comparison usually.

But the teacher was encouraging, and Will did get a few moves, and they were understanding because they knew he was so young and they didn’t expect much. Will even got an encouragement award at the end (along with a bunch of other kids), which was cute, and led us to Macca’s later in the day for a free kid’s meal. We hopefully won’t get that too often… but it was a nice reward for him.

What did surprise me was the adults in the class too — I had assumed it was a kids class. It might even be right for me to join up as well and learn the whole thing with Will. Now that’s a father/son activity 🙂

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