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Trying not to be link blog boy

I’ve realised recently that I’ve just let the blog go into a link blog phase. That’s not entirely unworthy of course, or lazy (since link blogging with delicious still involves a lot of writing). In a lot of ways it does reflect what occupies my time online during the week especially. And I don’t really want to just let things get back to bitching about my job problems again (the main issue being whether I will have a job for much longer…)

That said, there’s always things to talk about, and I need certainly to get back to that. Hell, even if I just talk about the weather, there’s enough in that for now! We had several weeks of extreme heat in Sydney, and now it’s been crazy wet weather all week, with constant rain. It leaves us with just as little outside time as the heat, for different reasons. Will and Alex and climbing the walls now, desperate for some outside play, but with the temperature drop it’s like we’re all five minutes from a cold again.

It has to get better soon, though I’ve noticed that it’s apparently another week of rain first. Isn’t something in between our two extremes just a slight possibility?

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