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Haircuts and hot days

Up early for the family haircut fun again. About time I got one — you don’t want a lot of hair in this heat. And the kids really need it too, not that they’d let us know of course! Up to Richmond again to see Amy, and thankfully nice and early, with the way the temperatures are predicated to head.

Will takes them well now, but Alex still wriggles like crazy, though the lego to play with helped. But he’s OK with it, and the fact that he’s so comfortable with Amy justifies us going to Richmond every time (and the cost too… thanks so much Amy!)

Really didn’t want to do much more than stay home after that… watched Wall-E on our DVD as a whole family, first time for Sallie. Temperature climbed to 45.3 degrees by 4pm which was nuts, but we dealt with it.

Sadly of course, Victoria went to hell today, as we started to find out late. Suppose I’ll write more about that later on, if I can bring myself to look at it more.

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