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Hitting a magic milestone

Just clocking up a late one (as usual) and I’m about to hit a pretty magic milestone…

In November, I started the National Novel Writing Month thing… then I proceeded to only get 25,000 words done in that month, so  not exactly a success. And yet, it was a magnificent success, really. I hadn’t written 25,000 words in the previous two years, so this was a start of perfect proportions. And unlike most of the other competition-goers, I didn’t stop when November ended. I just kept right on going.

Then by the end of December, I’d written 46,000 words, an extra 20,000 words for that month. Again, not quite my peak, but with Christmas and holidays, again a pretty good effort. And I didn’t stop again.

And now, on January 11, I am about to hit 50,000 words, not much before midnight… there we go. Just over 50,000 words. Amazing.

I don’t care that it took two and a bit months to do this. I’ve got a family, a day job and more… I’m just glad I’ve done it. Fifty thousand words in two months 11 days is more fiction than I’ve done in years before now… and I still won’t stop.

There might be up to 10,000 words left to finish this book draft, but probably only 5-7,000 more like it. I’m doing that, finishing, then revising, then more. And then I’ll see if anyone wants to publish the thing.

And after that, no matter what happens, I’ll already be writing something new. That’s how it works, and how it will always work.

You’ve got to be in it to win it. Do the work, make it happen!

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