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The thing about New Years…

Is that Willl hates fireworks.

He really hates them. He’s absolutely petrified by them.

We really don’t have any idea why, but everytime we’ve gone near fireworks displayed he is physically terrified. To the point that he can’t even be in the same room when they’re on television. So you can imagine what it’s like on New Years, with fireworks on TV and in seemingly every direction outside. Basically everywhere you look.

It’s not entirely unfounded I guess — it’s the banging and reverb he hates more than the look of them. But it makes this time of the yearr pretty difficult still. We were considering going down to Nelson Bay beach to watch the fireworks, but Will passed out asleep on the lounge at 7pm (as he sometimes does). Which stopped those plans, but was probably good because when he woke at 11pm it was clear that going to watch fireworks would have been another bad experience. Hope he gets over it soon, but we just deal with it.

The quirks of parenting… always a new variation…

Oh, and welcome to 2009.

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