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National Novel Writing Month

Nanowrimo has been going for a decade now — it’s an online-based competition where every November a whole bunch of people write a novel in a month. The goal is volume, with quality to come later, if at all.

And I’ve just said, screw it, I’m in. Unlike probably a lot of people, I know I have two or three or a hundred novels in me, but as any reader here knows, I have serious problem with output.

So I’m signing up, and I’m really going to do it. I need the direct motivation to make it happen.

I’m starting up (again) with the thing I’ve been trying to start properly all year. If I can get a draft out there in a month, I can take three to spruce it up. And I’ll see what other motivation and contact I can get out of it.

The important thing here is that I may just blog less… it will still be every day, but I’ll likely just post to remind the world that I wrote XXXX words in that day.

And I’m going to give myself a solution to make sure I really use all the time I have to write every day.

Let’s do it. (Though a big ha ha to the fact that I didn’t get much done on day one, but it’s only the first day…)

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