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Light at the end of the tunnel

It’s almost all done now. The moving house that is. This week, after going all out through to late Monday night, I’ve instead been dropping by a few times each night, picking up more, or cleaning up more. Now there’s only a very tiny amount of loose stuff left in the house, the garage is empty, and what’s really waiting there for us is some cleaning up and rubbish removal before we give the keys back on Saturday.

Everything’s been driving me nuts this week, from the job, to the endless house moving, to the completely unpacked and messed up house. And it all has me at wits end basically. I’m not going to bitch about it anymore here, because hopefully after a decent weekend I’m going to feel a little better (a decent one that will still involve lots of house unpacking anyway.) And to try and finally get some things done.

I’ve said it before, but all I’ve really got to do now is write more. For anybody doing anything, when there’s only one thing you really want to do, you just have to do it. Put in the effort, make the time, divert other things as much as possible. I make time for my family and make time for my writing, in that order, and there really doesn’t need to be much else. There still has to be a day job for now, and that might be the case for sometime, but again, I really should orientate that towards something that can fit around my writing, not the other way around. Day jobs are there to make life money, not “fulfillment”, as I think I’ve worked out now (despite hoping to the contrary for years now), and your true passion is your true passion.

I was just looking at another writers blog now, someone quite young and apparently quite successful, and was thinking about what they had done to get there. Hard work really. Consistent, hard work, that they started young then had the fortune to get that break early. It’s all you can do really, but I have to try and enjoy the process in the meantime as well — ie: feel better because I’m working towards that goal, rather than moping around, crawling through each day wondering if I have any goals at all. Change that pattern, make it work, and my mental attitude will change… which can lead to true external changes.

Hopefully I can look back on entries like this in a few years and smile 🙂 That’s the plan.

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