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Seems like it will never end…

Yes, still moving, a little. Went to work in the day, and had a fairly terrible time of it. Might write about that a little more, but while there’s so many problems there, I need an attitude alteration as well (for my own sake–the job be damned.)

But I spent the evening doing some moving, still. The shortest stretch in a week though, because there isn’t much left now, thankfully. We’ve got an extention until Saturday, and there’s just a few things to pick up, and a lot of cleaning/garbage removal to do (which is important because we don’t want to have to pay someone else to do it.) Wasn’t too hard, and I was back home by 9.30pm (way better than the last few days), so we even had dinner at a saner hour as well.

Checked out the season one finale of “Life”, which I’m really liking. It’s an exciting cop show, but it’s oddly off-kilter and metaphysical in a really interesting way. Damian Lewis doesn’t get talked about like Hugh Laurie in House, but he’s another interesting English actor doing interesting things as the lead of a US show, playing an odd character. And I prefer Life to House, but that’s at least partially because I’ve always preferred cop shows to medical shows.

Just think… the moving will all be over soon…

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