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Father’s Day

It’s that happy little day of the year again, one I’ve always been used to as a gift giver, but only recently started to see from the receivers point of view.

Got to sleep in, which is rare these days. Woke up to Will and Alex right in front of my face. I ask Will, “what day is it?”, and he tells me, “it’s father’s day!” Cute (and I wouldn’t be expecting breakfast in bed from them for a few more years…)

Went to the parent’s for lunch, had a nice day. Wests comfortably won their final match of the season, which somehow seemed unexpected, and didn’t do anything except end things on a good note for Brett Hodgson, and make the day nicer for us.

The weather even held up nicely, though we all felt the cold again by night. Tomorrow, some big things, a day off work and a trip to Muswellbrook. Might mean a big change, might mean nothing… will have to see what happens.

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