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Astoundingly stupid people

Have been been watching the Democratic Convention coverage in the US this week — waiting to get my Daily Show coverage though — and it’s been largely as expected. Mostly stage managed, but with some interesting and emotional moments.

It’s obvious to me that if I was American I’d vote Democratic, but I follow this stuff even though I can’t vote there — anyone smart knows this election will affect the world for years to come (imagine things if Al Gore had been US President for the last eight years).

But I think that I’ve seen the truly most astoundingly stupid people ever. These people who are apparently so disgruntled with Hillary Clinton losing the primary that they’re now going to vote for John McCain. And they’re not afraid to tell everyone.

These are some of the most stupid people I have ever seen.

Sure, they’re candidate lost. But what are they involved in politics for? For the cult of personality? Really? Surely they’re in it for the issues like everyone else, and their issues are Hillary Clinton’s issues.

So now they’re going to vote against everything they’re candidate holds dear? Just because they’re a bit pissed off? Even now, after she’s openly told them to vote for Barack Obama?

Are these people out of their minds? Do they care about any Democrat issues at all? Or are they really quite happy to vote against abortion rights, better health coverage, in favour of more wars, insane foreign policy and generally more Bush-world rubbish? Somehow taking revenge because enough people didn’t vote for Hillary before is worth all this?

Well, apparently it is. I mean, the only valid protest vote for these people is not to vote at all. They’re Americans, they can do that. If they’re that upset that Hillary won’t be on the ballot, they shouldn’t bother voting for anyone. To turn around and vote for the other guy is ridiculous and unconscienable, and Hillary will be ashamed of them more than anyone else.

And the other astonishing stupid people are of course most of the media. They invent stories by overplaying aspects to fit whatever narrative they want to use. The above nutters — do they really represent that bigger number of people? The media insists they do, though polls don’t really. Polls suggest enough unity among Democrats, and there’s plenty of Republican strife (wingnuts who’ve never liked McCain). But the media doesn’t care about Republican turmoil because they’ve put the Clinton/Obama story as their top narrative. And reality won’t change that.

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