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The Pixar method for … everything

The cutest thing I saw today was after convincing Will to have some of what we were eating for dinner (fried rice with beef and vegetables), that he decided he would as long as we got his Finding Nemo cutlery out, he’d give it a try.

Then, in an attempt to eat only the rice, but also be neat, he loaded his spoon with one grain of rice at a time and ate it. It’s an improvement I think…

We’ve worked out that Pixar will motivate Will into nearly any task. I finally got him keen on cleaning his teeth regularly … after we bough a Cars toothbrush and Toy Story toothpaste. He eats, as I mentioned above, dinner more readily with his Finding Nemo cutlery. He sleeps better listening to Pixar audio books when he goes to bed. And so on…

I don’t object to this at all — every day I think it’s wonderful that my son is really into something I don’t have to pretend to also like. Pixar movies are the greatest!

Next month I’m taking Will to his first every big-screen movie. We’ll be seeing Wall-E. Pixar’s latest, naturally.

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