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We’re all nuts

It’s funny to see that David E Kelley has clearly just had enough of the state of his nation right now — every week on Boston Legal it’s more of Alan Shore (James Spader) trying to convince some judge on what’s wrong with America. And he’s always right, and it’s just getting more and more farcical, but only because everything really is getting more and more farcical over there.

The US does seem pretty well broken, at least in a formal governmental sense, entirely by design, yet most of thhem still don’t seem to have noticed this. And the fact that the Republicans are considered even slightly competitive for this November just boggles the mind.

But hey, here in Australia we seem to have an epedemic of child abuse cases (or more likely, just abuse being reported more widely to fit that trendy non-trend the media enjoys finding), and today for good measure we had a triple axe murdering.

And everyone’s noticed that petrol is up worldwide, inflation is up because the mining boom is going to keep the economy ticking over no matter what the rest of us do … and yet this will somehow be declared the fault of the government that’s barely been in six months. As opposed to the lot that saw it coming for two years, did nothing, then probably breathed a secret sigh of relief when they got kicked out.

Of course, people only ever want to blame the ones with any power now …

Nutty times, for nutty people. Sometimes I think Denny and Alan have the right idea 🙂
Denny Crane and Alan Shore

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