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More thinking about workplaces

I’ve started thinking again that shift work, or more precisely evening shifts, would probably appeal to me again. I did them over a couple of jobs for a few years when I was younger, including some of my time at Fairfax, and generally I found it OK. I wouldn’t do graveyard shift stuff, but 2-10 or 4-midnight stuff wasn’t too bad at all. I’ve always been a night person, and anything even remotely like an early start has never impressed me.

The only downside in the past was seeing Sallie less because she worked days, but these days she’s at home, the kids are at home, and quite frankly we’re probably all better in the mornings than at nights now anyway. I’d see more of them in the morning than I do in the nights right now.

It would have to be the right work of course (and at this stage might be only short term anyway if the right things happen), but there’s a couple of possibilities out there.

Ha … here we go again? Can only do what looks right, or at least just look at it at first.

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