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South-west of anywhere

It’s apparently become the done thing now in Australian media, when, talking about any kind of crime or problem in Sydney, to describe wherever it happened as being in “Sydney’s South-west”.

This took on particularly stupid precedence tonight when a report on a knife attack at a wedding in Lidcombe became in Sydney’s south-west. Only thing is, here’s Lidcombe:

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Look like south-west to you? It’s west at best, but that doesn’t stop the laziness or idiocy of the major mainstream media.

Rather than being some kind of conspiracy though, I would say it’s much simpler that that. Either they’re lazy (“everything we don’t like is south-west”), or they’re too ignorant (“I live in Bondi, I couldn’t tell you what’s in Sydney’s west or south-west.”)

Of course, it’s just another chapter in the media’s stereotypical fear-mongering bullshit, but I think we all knew that …

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