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Boys and their toys

My one-year-old son loves watching me mow the lawn. His older brother was never that excited by it, but Alex just loves it. Both today in the back, and yesterday in the front Alex was just captivated by watching me push the mower around, the loud engine and the grass flying and the smell and everything else.

Doesn’t surprise me really — he’s that kind of kid. He’s pretty big for his age, he’s a tough guy in the making, almost as large as his brother already. He likes getting rough and ready in everything, and is full of mischief in a fun but often trying way.

This afternooon was particularly funny … he’s was staring out at me in the yard for an hour, banging on the window and generally being as excited as a boy could be. He’s got his own toy mower, so that might be good for the future … wonder how old he needs to be to help out 🙂

In remarkably related news, apparently the man getting his own space, or “man cave” is a good thing for a marriage. Growing up, I always had my own room, and in my own place I’ve almost always had a separate room apart from the bedroom. Usually a study type thing for my computer and music gear, which is always good. In the current place I don’t have a separate room though, but I do have an area of trhe garage for woodworking, which is good. I’d like a room, if we had an extra one, but not much we can do here.

At least in the mental plans for my own future house, I’m well covered 🙂 Always have plans for a separate building that’s a garage, woodworking room, study and writing aroom all in one building.

Well, one day anyway 🙂

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