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Left CNET today, on to new things

Final day at CNET Networks Australia today. A bit sorry I had to leave, but glad that I have given the situation, and given where I’m going.

Because, yes, I have taken a job as Web Producer for Australia Penthouse magazine. That’s exactly as good as it sounds. The pay’s better, the job is bigger and better, and there’s obvious extra benefits 🙂

And I start immediately on Monday. Good thing I had that holiday over Easter.

Anway, here’s the farewell note I left my colleagues. I think this is a good place for it too:

Hi all,

My last day at CNET today … Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that I’ve worked with over the last two years, to everyone that I’ve learnt from, and everyone I’ve drunk with 🙂

Regardless of the situation, CNET is a great environment to work, and the social life here has got to be a drawcard for anyone. Definitely the most social workplace I’ve ever been at.

Thanks especially to Mun and the ZDNet team past and present — I wasn’t ever exactly part of that team, but you made me feel like it … and that helped a lot.

You can find me on Facebook (promise to pay more attention to it), via e-mail at or mostly my Web site , where among the usual bloggery, I will be writing all the time, including reviews and commentary on all kinds of things (especially TV and film).

And if you haven’t heard, I am moving on to be Web Producer for Australian Penthouse magazine. Should be great 🙂

Thanks everyone, it’s been a blast.

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