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Tonight on Underbelly

Think I’ll do this regularly now, though ideally, before the episode airs 🙂 Tonight’s Underbelly is a bit of a side story, focusing on loan sharks and money in the gangsters world. It shows just how some of these characters make a living, and the extremes they’re willing to go to.

It also has some of the most extreme sex and violence in the series so far …

Here are the key players tonight, and the actors that play them for comparison:

Mario CondelloMario Condello
Condello was a lawyer who became as corrupt as the criminals he once defended. Intensely close to the Carlton crew and more adept and directing crime than committing it, his involvement ultimately led to his trial for attempted murder, but his own murder brought that trial to an end.
Martin SacksMartin Sacks
Former Blue Heelers star Martin Sacks plays Condello — a different role for an actor best known for playing a likeable TV cop. A pretty-good likeness for the real figure.

Roberta WilliamsRoberta Williams
Carl Williams attracted a constant parade of attractive young women to his side, drawn by his power, money and ruthlessness more than his looks. Roberta Williams reached the top of the heap and became his wife, but in the last few years, even she has been thrown aside as Carl faced trial with a new, younger, buxom blonde by his side. She’s also had her fair share of high-profile, if relatively minor, legal problems.
Kat StewartKat Stewart
Kat Stewart has been keeping close to crime recently with her major role in last year’s City Homicide. Also seen in SBS’s drama Kick and comedy Newstopia, this should be a major break for her. She’s again, quite a good likeness for the now bitter Roberta Williams, and has had to deal with a lot from her real life doppleganger.

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