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Amusements and weirdness

Was reminded today in this article about one of my earliest exposures to computers as a kid. We had a BBC Micro when I was in about year 4 or 5 of primary schoold (1984-5). And the game I remember the most was Granny’s Garden.

Which you can play online apparently now. It was an early adventure puzzle game, with a loose kind of Hansel and Gretel escaping from the witches plotline or something like that. But I just remember loving the puzzle solving in it, the achievement of the goals, and wanting to race the rest of the class to finish the game first. Which I did, I think.

And since it was Good Friday today, a quiet day at home, coupled with awful weather, much like most of Summer, but entirely unlike the last few weeks, which have been like Summer should have been. And I read about the traditional Good Friday weirdo fest in the Philippines. I mean, I try to be tolerant about religion, but I really can’t see these people as anything other than nutters. I mean, this is how Jesus was punished and brutally murdered, do they really think it was such a good thing that it must be reenacted every year?

Well, there were similar parades in Sydney as well — no being nailed to crosses of course, but otherwise a lot of similarities. Won’t knock it, if nothing else it means a four day weekend.

Going away for a week tomorrow — it’s unclear whether Ill be able to blog or not. Maybe every couple of days at the local Net cafe. Nelson Bay has a few, hope it’s sunny there 🙂

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