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Look at this … new 24 sooner than expected

After having decided to skip the whole season of 24 this year due to the writer’s strike (effectively moving the season they’ve quarter-filmed to next January), Fox have revised plans and announced a prequel movie for the season, to air probably around September. Smart move I’d say, given it will be nearly two years between seasons otherwise.

So Jack is off to Washington, and the President is a woman, and there’s more evildoers undoubtedly … can just imagine what hijinks will occur.

Glad finally they’re changing the setting … those LA hills were looking awfully familiar.

And please, will people stop blaming 24 for the mindset of the current US government? 24 is the most fanciful and fictional of espionage fiction out there, so it’s not their fault if dummies think it can be applied to real life!

It would have been like modelling US Cold War policy after the moves in classic James Bond movies …

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