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Walking boy

Alex has, in just the last week or two, really started to walk. It’s an amazing thing to watch, for all kinds of reasons. And it’s nowhere near as sudden as I imagined, instead it’s just a very gradual thing.

Even though, of course, I’ve gone through all of this already with Will, it’s just different this time. Will had so many health problems at different stages that his development in those early years was always … different, is probably the best word. But all the right things came for him eventually, though it did take longer.

For Alex, it’s all happening faster, though I would say it’s incredibly normal now. Alex is 16 months old next week, and by then I’d say he’ll be walking freely. Right now he jumps from object to object, supports himself, but is increasingly just testing out how long he can stand up, just to practice. And it’s so cute to see when he’s so pleased with himself, when he’s so clever because he somehow just knows what he did.

But at the same time, he’s so naughty! I’m sure it’s entirely normal, but he does things like pull all the books off the shelf, throw things around just because he wants to, and generally get into everything. He’s become a little drummer right now … with anything he can get his hands on (with a glass last week was the most unfortunate example of this …) But he’s still so much fun …

Being a Dad is just the most fun thing right now … and I don’t think that will change, even when it is more difficult 🙂

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