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Happy perspectives

Went to my Mum’s 60th birthday party tonight. Nice restaurant by the harbour, good food, drink and company. I knew most of the people there, though it had been anything from a few to many years since I’d seen most of them.

It was a good night, catching up with people, talking about family and children, and talking as always about rugby league, and only slightly surprisingly, about Underbelly on TV. That’s one popular show 🙂

What was interesting was the way I could see Mum from a different perspective. I mean, it wasn’t a completely foreign one, but you grow up seeing your mother in a certain way, and it was really interesting to see all these other people tonight who knew Mum for various reasons, and to see the different ways they knew her.

From husband, to brother, to various kinds of friends, it was a good picture, but just different. I suppose it doesn’t change anything, but it was still a happy perspective to have.

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