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Underbelly: Now Channel Nine could be in a bit of trouble

I’ve already blogged before about Nine’s legal troubles with screening Underbelly in Victoria, and the ridiculousness of a suppression order on one state in the Internet age.

We all knew that copies would be on BitTorrent as soon as they were aired in other states (in numbers I’ve never seen before for an Aussie show, no less), but now advance episodes are appearing there as well … this can only be the work of insiders.

Screener copies for the next five episodes have been released to BitTorrent channels (a check of any popular site confirms this) — and these either came from inside the network, or maybe from reviewers or other media types (or maybe even some of the still-living gangsters themselves).

While Nine could not be blamed for the stuff getting online after airing, this time they won’t have such luck. There’s already talk of more contempt of court proceedings relating to this, especially if they can find out who uploaded this new stuff. I’m usually pretty relaxed about Torrents, but this pre-release stuff is what gets people into trouble (witness what happened with 24 last year).

Meanwhile, since the cat’s out of the bag now, I’ll be reconsidering where I get my episodes of Underbelly from, since being stuck in the dark ages and still having to videotape the show (while watching Spicks and Specks), I know where I can watch the show in far better quality now 🙂

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